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Part 12: Computer Building (574)

When first seen, the Computer Building appears to be nothing more than a standard, brick built, office block standing to the east of Cell 3 and Cell 4.

Internally, the building is divided up into offices and partitioned work areas. Given the building's name, it probably also housed Pyestock's early digital computers, and a room full of redundant PCs and monitors suggests its function didnít change over time.

The Computer Building as seen whilst walking eastwards along the elevated section of Weir Road.
05|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

However, the centre of the building is taken up by the huge control room for Cell 3. Rather than build another blast-proof block-house for the control room (as they did for Cells 1 & 2), the control room for Cell 3 is housed in a separate building over 700 meters away. All the necessary control wiring between the control room and Cell 3 runs through a subterranean tunnel called Monks Passage.

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