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Part 11: Cell 3 (630)

Cell 3 is mostly built underground. The small steel framed shed known as "Cell 3" is merely a protective shield over the doors of the test cell itself, allowing gas turbines to be lowered into the cell by means of a huge overhead crane.

The cell extends from the east (where it links up with the high pressure compressor pipes from the Air House), under the steel shed, and continues further westward where it links up with the huge exhauster steel pipes again from the Air House.

Cell 3 is the building in the background. The entrance to the loading bay can be seen to the left, whilst the picture shows the southern wall of the building.
24|03|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Cell 3 was the supersonic replacement of Cell 2. It could accommodate larger engines, simulate higher altitudes, and could withstand a greater range of engine temperatures.

Whilst some of the offices and store rooms associated with Cell 3 are empty, the cell itself and much of the instrumentation appears intact. The deep level parts of the structure, particularly beneath the cell itself, have started to flood.

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