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"Scientia vis Augetur: Strength Grows Through Science." - NGTE Armorial Bearings

There has recently been an academic interest in urban exploration. This has piqued my interested in turn, as it's caused me to rationalise and question my reasons for exploring these old forgotten places.

Pyestock was foremost in my thoughts when these papers were written which that has clearly come over. Therefore whilst the Pyestock Diaries give a gritty, reactionary feel to my urban exploration (both as an undertaking and my thoughts on the UK movement itself), the academic papers are far more introspective, questioning the underpinning reasons and desires beneath it all.

Construction History Society Newsletter

Construction History Society Newsletter

Urban Explorers At The National Gas Turbine Establishment
No. 74 August 2006

I was asked to write a piece for the Construction History Society about urban exploration and here's the result.

Blueprint Magazine

Blueprint Magazine

Urban Exploration
November 2007

Writing for the architectural journal Blueprint, Mark Chalmers offered one of the best researched pieces about the UKs urban exploration scene and gave the activity some of the recognition it deserves (especially in light of the awful press generated recently).

I was not interviewed for this piece, but the references to the Milk Crate Gang, John Harris and Richard Nickel either point to extensive research or a thorough understanding of how urban exploration in the UK developed. And to be mentioned by name in the piece is an honour.

International Stationary Steam Engine Society (ISSES)

International Stationary Steam Engine Society (ISSES) Newsletter

Pyestock - The National Gas Turbine Research Establishment
Contact #4 September 2008

Interestingly, it was Pyestock's steam boilers which initially generated the most interest. Philip Retter, of the International Stationary Steam Society, initially contacted me with a view to writing a piece on the various steam boilers used at Pyestock. However, his piece expanded to include a section on urban exploration as well.