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Part 8: Cells 1 & 2 (561)

If it wasn’t for the Air House, Cells 1 & 2 would be the iconic face of Pyestock's architecture. The enormous steel framed shelter, open to the east and south, covers the huge cast iron tubes of Cells 1 and 2, and the concrete blast-proof blockhouse of a control room almost buried between them.

Behind this structure stands the Silenced Exhaust, a huge slim rectangular concrete chimney fitted with baffles and chambers, to try and silence the roar of the turbines under test. It towers above all the other buildings on the site.

Cells 1 & 2, south western aspect, as seen from The Romany.
31|03|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Cells 1 & 2 were the first altitude test cells completed at Pyestock, originally designed for the testing of ram-jets, and then used for gas turbine research work.

Surrounded by fuel and air supply equipment, water stores, the exhaust stack, cooling towers, pipes and ducts, this building is unlike anything else at Pyestock.

The modernised control room is still mostly intact, and the test cells retain all the mounting points for the gas turbines to be tested.

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