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Part 13: Cell 4 (635)

Whilst Cell 4 is huge, easily larger than the Air House, it's one of the more featureless buildings on the Pyestock site, comprising of a large steel framed, steel cladded shed. Some offices on the southern side, a lone door to the west, and some limited windows to the east do little to add interest to this anonymous building.

Like Cell 3, the high-pressure compressed-air pipe-array, and the much larger exhaust pipe-array, connect Cell 4 to the powerhouse of the Air House.

Southwest corner of Cell 4 as viewed from the pipe array.
05|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

The test cell inside this building is probably unique in the world. This huge mass of pipes, doors, ducts and sensors was built as a free jet supersonic wind tunnel, capable of flying a Concorde power plant at Concorde's cruise condition i.e. Mach 2 at 60,000 feet.

It was the most complex of all the ground based test facilities for the Concorde programme.

Internally, the cell still stands mostly complete. The control room in the basement still retains all its features, and whilst most of the office space has been cleared, a drawing office still boasts many files and diagrams pertaining to this cell.

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