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"No listed buildings. No buildings designated as local interest. Not in a conservation area." - MoLAS

Pyestock Related Links

National Gas Turbine Establishment, Pyestock
Malcolm Knight's father worked at Pyestock and Malcolm's started to publish his collection of pictures, technical documents and literature. Some great 1950s and 1960s shots of the site.
Under development, this will be the website for Pyestock’s employees.

Hartland Park
Astral Developments purchased the Pyestock site from QinetiQ in 2004. Their plans, for the newly dubbed Hartland Park, include the total demolition of the exiting structures, and their replacement by a supermarket distribution centre. Their website includes the proposals for the site, along with some limited background about Pyestock itself.

The Pyestock Horror
Whilst a supermarket distribution centre sounds innocuous enough, it will be the largest in the country. Visit SPLAT for the arguments against this huge structure and opposing suggestions as to the size of the buildings, traffic impact and environmental concerns. It is partly thanks to SPLAT’s continuing opposition that the existing Pyestock site hasn’t been demolished yet.

Pyestock: First Visit | Pyestock: Second Visit
The photographic record of two visits to Pyestock by a fellow urban explorer Klempner69. All the pictures are in chronological order of his visits and correctly labeled as well.

Further Reading

Eye Spy
I’m not sure how secret Pyestock ever was. In its days as the National Gas Turbine Establishment, its results were freely available to industry. But, given its later associations with DERA and QinetiQ, the curtain of secrecy again developed around the site. But Pyestock is included on Alan Turnbull's Secret Bases along with real, secret, live sites – not the sort of places I would go anywhere near.

The longest running urban exploration site in the UK. This details my other urban exploration adventures and exploits. Some of the Pyestock Diaries are included there, but I always knew Pyestock demanded its own site. Those who enjoy secretive places should also look at the RAF Wyton Photographic Factory and Aquila.