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Magpie Abuse


"Tom disappeared to the testing area whilst I tried to open a window to get some elevated shots of the Power Station and Battle Test House. Eventually I coaxed a dusty, grimy window open to get an unimpeded shot of the Battle Test House. Unfortunately I was so fixated on composing the shot that I failed to see security’s car approaching until it was too late."

Sensors in the tunnel of Cell 3
A sign for Pondpenny Lane at the soutern tip of the site Moving into Pyestock from the southern tip as the skies darken Moving northwards along the eastern flank of the Dynamics Laboratory The battery store in the Power Station View north-east of the Plant House, Cell 1 and 2 and the Battle Test House from the Admiralty Test House Viewing window of the control room and the The pipe array as seen from the western side of the Air House The new fence takes a battering