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After a battle of about half-an-hour, we found ourselves in an empty, derelict car-park. It was strewn with pine-cones and wind-swept piles of leaves and ferns were growing through the cracked tarmac. It was the perfect view of desolation. Behind us, the unfamiliar PondPenny Road led to the back of the Main Stores.

A plan of sorts was quickly drawn up: we would revisit the Power Station (I was unhappy with some of my previous shots), explore the Admiralty Test House, try to get better pictures of Battle Test House and then finish in Cell 4 (with a quick visit to the Computer Building to return the tape). So we ran across the open expanse of the Fairway, moved up behind the Dynamics Laboratory (unfortunately all the doors were locked) and disappeared into the bulk of the Power Station.

It was a quick visit as I took the remaining shots of the control room, the passages to the back of the building (using flash but we didn’t have time to light paint) and the battery room. There was moment of tension when we dived to the floor as security drove past on The Howf. Grabbing a hasty lunch in the Power Station, we moved onto the Admiralty Test House, a building we’d not visited before.

The battery store in the Power Station
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