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We moved out of Pyestock for the last time, laughing at a tree branch which had destroyed the integrity of the newly-installed, now-ineffective, interior-inferior fence. Whilst Id spent a merry week insulting Magpies, they obviously didnt process enough dark power to completely wreck our day. I considered the Power Station and Admiralty Test House documented, with some extra interesting photographs taken of some little known bits of Cell 4. We skidded down the bank, trotted alongside the fence and finally exited the site (getting even more covered in mud).

The drive home was less eventful as the earlier congestion on the M25 had since cleared. We returned home to bottles of beer, another stew, and a recording of Dr. Who. After reviewing the days pictures (which had turned out well considering the poor light), Tom roared home in his car and I settled down to start reading Ian Mackenzie's book.

Id taken a brief look at it in the Fleet Pond car park and was impressed. His definitive history of Pyestock gave a detailed history of the site and answered many of my unanswered questions which I'd began to ask since my first visit to the site. Then I read a paragraph which made me chuckle: apparently a derivation of the "Pyestock" name was... "Magpie Wood." I shuddered. "Hello Mr. Magpie. Hows Mrs. Magpie?"

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The new fence takes a battering.
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