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We ran to the southern flank of the building (again wary of security) and quietly slipped inside. The initial impression was one of disappointment; most of the testing area was empty, the huge space deserted except for some disconnected pipes, gantry cranes and walkways. It looked like nothing substantial had been removed; it simply looked like an open space where a turbine could be connected up and left to run.

If it was any other site then this would’ve been impressive, but after exploring the other test cells and supporting buildings at Pyestock then Admiralty Test House felt poor by comparison. After taking shots of the main testing area, we looked into the side rooms and found either switchgear or further empty spaces.

Taking a vertical ladder to the first floor (through a handy trap-door which added an element of fun), we found ourselves in the partially stripped control room. Windows overlooked the testing chamber but we were more interested in the views out towards the Power Station, Battle Test House and the other test cells. Moving further north revealed more offices, empty except for miscellaneous tables and chairs.

View north-east of the Plant House, Cell 1 and 2 and the Battle Test House from the Admiralty Test House.
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