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Part 7: Plant House (572)

The Plant House is an enormous brick built blockhouse. The only windows are those of the offices which face eastwards and of the main control room which faces west.

Surrounded by concrete paving, cooling towers and exhaust vents, the Plant House marks the end of the almost rural setting of Pyestock and the start of the industrial core. Huge doors on the northern and southern side of the building allow components and machinery to be installed in each of its testing cells.

The eastern side of the Plant House showing the windows of the offices.
31|03|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Built in 1955, it was to be the penultimate test cell facility at Pyestock (as space was left for a ram-jet test cell to its east and the Battle Test House). The machine hall dominates the centre of the building, the cavernous space host to three huge turbines which supplied or sucked air to the combustion, turbine and compressor rigs in separate rooms to the north and south.

Whilst these huge turbines and all their control equipment remains, some of the test rig rooms have been long stripped and stand empty and dark. Others, such as the three storey room dubbed "Cathedral", are piled high with models, equipment and documents from previous tests.

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