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The weathermen said blue skies but we drove to Pyestock in grey, overcast and drizzly conditions. We were late starting and were further delayed by a visit to Tescos (on orders of Sara) and a visit to the Royal Mail collecting office at Welwyn Garden City (for Sara’s continuing collection of power tools and Screwfix items). So we were very delayed when we reached the M25 and weren’t amused to see a sign stating "Long delays Junction 4- 5 M3." We wanted junction 4A.

Therefore I improvised and suggested the A3, attempting a torturous route through Bagshot, Camberley and Blackwater. I realised this wouldn’t work once we hit a traffic jam in Camberley. Further reverse turns, and alternative routes, eventually resulted in clear roads, and we finally found ourselves approaching Pyestock from a different direction.

On this route, we’d be passing the main entrance to Pyestock and despite being late, I couldn’t resist a look. "Hang on... from this direction, we could turn left and flank the eastern side of the site." I was anxious to check out the whole perimeter as finding another infiltration point to the east of Pyestock would help with our explorations of Admiralty House and the remaining buildings on that side. Soon the familiar security fence sprang into sight. What we didn’t expect was the road to end at a security barrier with a guard peering at us. "Not very discrete," I murmured as, for the second time that day, I did a three point turn and disappeared in the other direction.

We entered Fleet Pond car park at 2 o’clock in the afternoon which was ludicrous. But as we walked briskly from the car towards the site, the grey skies parted, the sun shone and blue skies started to appear.

"Let’s do lunch."

First storey room in the Computer Building where we had lunch.
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