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Whatever You Just Pressed, Unpress It!


"On this route, we’d be passing the main entrance to Pyestock and despite being late, I couldn’t resist a look. "Hang on... from this direction, we could turn left and flank the eastern side of the site." I was anxious to check out the whole perimeter as finding another infiltration point to the east of Pyestock would help with our explorations of Admiralty House and the remaining buildings on that side. Soon the familiar security fence sprang into sight. What we didn’t expect was the road to end at a security barrier with a guard peering at us. "Not very discrete," I murmured as, for the second time that day, I did a three point turn and disappeared in the other direction."

Sensors in the tunnel of Cell 3
Weir Road as seen from the Computer Building First storey room in the Computer Building where we had lunch East-west first storey corridor in the Computer Building The entrance to Monk's Tunnel in the floor of the Computer Building View south from the first floor of the Computer Building towards the back of the Plant House Taken though a dirty window in the Computer Building, from left to right: the anechoic chamber, WPH No. 10 and the Bramshot Cooling Towers Southern side of WPH No. 10 Pumping equipment in WPH No. 10. Looking south Moving east along the southern flank of the Bramshot Cooling Towers. Skirting the northern side of the Bramshot Cooling Towers, moving east
Looking north towards the water purification station Distant southerly view of the back of the Battle Test House Returning westwards towards the main site along the front of the Bramshot Cooling Towers Ice Plant control room on the first floor of Cell 3 Moving eastwards down into the flooded concrete trench beneath Cell 3 Ducking and diving westwards under the exhauster pipe array alongside the Cell 3 trench. Looking west towards the main exhaust main rising into the back of Cell 3 West Looking east inside the Working Section of Cell 3 Eastern view of the interior of Cell 3 from the Exhaust Gas Cooler