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The screen blackened and then suddenly sprang into life. We cheered. But our elation was short lived. "What… What is that?" All we could see were a collection of wires and a small nozzle. We’d hoped for a panorama of Cell 3 West with a dangerously out-of-control gas turbine spewing flames; what we got were some wires and a small plastic nozzle. In fact, it didn’t even look like Cell 3 West.

I hit the fast forward. The view remained the same. Again, I fast forwarded. The same static view sprang back. I ran the tape forward five minutes; and I was greeted with the same static view. Just as we started to completely question the tape, an audio track cut in: "Air house?" Pause. "Yes." Pause. "Air house, increase the pressure on number 5". We cheered and settled down to watch the wires and nozzle.

East-west first storey corridor in the Computer Building.
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