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Number 10 Exhauster (638): Then And Now

Number 10 Exhauster completed the suction machines at Pyestock, acting as a stand-by set when Number 9 was being serviced, or as an additional boost, increasing the suction capacity for Cell 3, Cell 3 West and Cell 4.

Unlike Number 9 Exhauster, it was housed in its own building, an impressive steel-framed shed, which marked the final north-western corner of the Pyestock site.

Like the pictures of maintenance in the Air House, the photographer was again on-call to document scheduled maintenance of the Number 10 machine. This Parsons generator filled the whole of the building, with an additional control room and small electrical distribution room added to the northern side.

I managed to get the exact same shot. This was achieved by taking the stairs up the eastern side of the building and taking the first opportune shot from the catwalk which traversed the entire southern side of the building. In my shot, the cover of the Parsons turbine is firmly bolted back in place.

No. 10 exhauster.

No. 10 exhauster taken from the eastern end of the building.
24|03|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

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