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Part 3: Number 1 Main Workshop (407)

The Main Workshop shares the same north-south alignment of the Stores, as well as its profile as the building resembles an extruded version of the Stores.

Again built on a north-south axis, the building is flanked by mature trees and huge grassy areas, remnants of the old Bramshot Golf Course. It's no coincidence that the parallel access road is called The Fairway.

The whole southern part of the site is well spaced and landscaped. It resembles a College Campus or New Town development rather than an industrial gas turbine research establishment. But as you travel north, the buildings become ever larger and more closely compacted.

The western side of the Workshop looking north. The photograph shows three quarters of its length.
31|03|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Internally the Main Workshop is one huge room, now completely stripped and bare.

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