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Part 4: The Power Station (305)

The end of the Fairway is flanked by the former Fairway Transformer Park. Previously decommissioned, the transformers have been long removed, leaving a square of gravel surrounded by a mesh fence. Three large buildings occupy the square's sides, still giving the area a great sense of prominence.

The scale of the buildings has changed, jumping from the single storey Stores and Laboratories to the multiple stories of these three buildings. This will be a continuing trend of the tour; the buildings will be steadily growing larger and larger.

The southern building, flanked by mature trees, is Pyestock's Power Station.

North east aspect of the Power Station, taken from the Admiralty Test House.
23|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Fitted with a 10MW gas turbine generator set by Parsons, the Power Station provided electricity for the establishment to reduce peak load demand, and doubled as an investigative tool for looking into problems with industrial gas turbines.

It was essentially a gas turbine test cell which generated electricity as a by-product.

Whilst the offices have been mostly cleared, the Power Station has retained all its heavy plant. But its most impressive feature is the original control room, unchanged since the 1950s.

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