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Your Guess Is As Good As Mine


"The next hour was spent exploring the various cubicles to the sides of the main hall. Some were huge, scaling many stories, and revealed evidence of previous activities and testing; others were now storerooms or small workshops; whilst others were completely stripped, black and empty, echoing to the coos of pigeons and their stink. Some parts of this building had been derelict, or unused, for a while. In one of the larger test cells, which was called Cathedral (so I was now lost for a name for the building as a whole), I took a ladder into a dark, dank loft chamber. As the door closed behind me, I could hear the hundreds of "coos" and scuttling of nervous birds in the darkness. Moving in any further would’ve caused a feathered maelstrom, resembling a scene from Hitchcook’s The Birds. It really wasn’t worth the bother (or mess, or eventual infections)."

Keys hanging on the keyboard at the back of the Air House control room.
Plant House, valve bay, combustion side, looking east The car was always discretely parked at Fleet Pond car park North east corner of the Air House Ground floor of the Air House, extreme north of the building, looking west Narror first floor passageway in the Air House. Working south, the eastern glass wall of the building is to my left, with the mounting for the turbines on my right South view of the trolley on rails between the Air House and its exhaust vents View from a first floor bay of the Air House looking west towards the control room Elevated view of the Air House from the south east corner taken above the loading bay Elevated view of the Air House looking north Air House control room looking north
Decommissioning certificate defaced by Catboy, at that time a member of 28DaysLater Northern view of the corridor behind the control panels Northern view of the air filter corridor Southern office of the Air House The view from the southern Air House office North west view of the Air House loading bay North western corner of the Plant House. The large doors lead to Combustion Cubicle C1 The office stairs of the Plant House, looking north One of the offices on the eastern side of the Plant House Eastern view of the Plant House control room and across the plant hall
Damage to the Plant House control room roof South western view of the void beneath the Plant House control room Aero Cathedral looking north west. Its control room can be seen on the second floor Looking towards Cell 1 & 2 from the Plant House Climbing east over Cell 1 Modern control panel in the north eastern corner of the control room Cell 1 & 2 control room. View to the south Broken CCTV camera between Cell 1 and Cell 2, moving north The western entrance to Cell 1 Interior of Cell 1 looking south
The closed vent of Cell 1 in the Silenced Exhaust Looking north down the concrete bunker of the Silenced Exhaust Sun setting through the eastern windows of the Air House