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Computer Building (574): Then And Now

The computers in the Computer Building were connected to each of the test cells where they received and processed the results of gas turbine tests.

Given the huge improvements in computer technology over the years, the Computer Building constantly changed to keep up. Mainframes gave way to mini-computers which in turn were replaced by personal computers. The building's structure and internal walling also changed to deal with these events.

By the time I photographed the building in 2007, the original equipment had long gone, with one room full of redundant, antiquated personal computers. The original computer room was empty, barren and dark, and therefore I didn’t take a photograph.

I was taken by the extremely odd wallpaper though, so I did snap a shot of that. I wondered if the room was used as a crèche as the wallpaper seemed extremely childish; far too silly for the sensible workers at Pyestock.

However, this picture shows how wrong I was. In the background, to the left of shot, is the same ‘cat and mouse’ wallpaper!

DAISY computer and peripherals

THAT wallpaper in 2007.
05|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

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