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Admiralty Test House (307): Then And Now

The Admiralty Test House was designed for the study and endurance testing of gas turbines for marine conditions. A large test house could run several simulataneous tests of either components or entire turbines; and these tests were run continously for up to several weeks.

The environment was carefully controlled, designed to simulate the conditions at sea. The results were a greater understanding of the effects of sea water and diesel fuels on the turbine.

The Test House itself was simply a large room in which turbines could be hooked up to various supply and exhaust systems where they would be left running. When the last tested turbine was removed, it left the room empty.

A general view of the Naval Test House

The empty test house. All that remains are the old standings and connections for the exhausts.
23|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

The soundproofed Control Room was located on the first floor to the west of the test house. Like many of the control rooms at Pyestock, it had been modified over the years.

The Naval Test House control room

The messy and partially stripped control room. The window to the test house can be seen behind the empty equipment rack.
23|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

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