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Pyestock - The National Gas Turbine Research Establishment
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Contact #4 September 2008

"I edit a newsletter for a group called the International Stationery Steam Engine Society (ISSES). Sounds grand, but we are only a small group (about 300 members) mostly in the UK, with a primary interest in steam power as applied in industry (rather than transport).

I have recently become aware of the existence of NGTE Pyestock through images posted on and from there found your own site dealing specifically with the place.

As I had no previous knowledge of the site, it came as something of a revelation to see the scale of the machinery still in place. I'm pretty sure our society are unaware of its existence and feel sure that our members would be interested, particularly in the steam turbines and boilers."

Philip Retter

The piece about the boilers at Pyestock and urban exploration has been published in the September 2008 issue of their Contact newsletter. Both articles can be read here (PDF format).

Check out the society's website for more information.