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07|06 - 02|07

"... As I pondered these problems, I was asked by The Construction History Society to write a piece on urban exploration for their academic journal. Despite a short deadline, I jumped at the opportunity, delivering an account of urban exploration as a modus operandi: a cracked methodology for assessing and documenting, but poor for site surveys and all-encompassing documentation. I think they really wanted a daring "Boy’s Own" account of creeping around derelict asylums at night with torches; what they got were my pent-up frustrations at the limits of urban exploration, and how I was banging my head on walls trying to do something which was impossible within the constraints I’d set myself. For the first time, my pictures of Pyestock were published, along with the lament that if security were good, then I wouldn’t be able to fully document the site. ..."

Pyestock written in a control panel. But where?
Whilst I dithered photos like this started appearing on-line. Tom and I had seen nothing like this! Other photos appeared of this location, but no-one could tell you where they were taken Photos of cool control panels appeared in disorganised, random photo albums And despite pictures of this plane appearing for months, many still don't know where it is! And lots of meaningless, utter drivel like this appeared.