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"I ran back to the corridor. "Guys, get off that roof..." Marlon and Tom were still in the corridor, eyes wide, listening to the chop of the blades which were now overhead. "How low is that helicopter?" I sneaked back into the front office. The helicopter roared over, very low, and then started a slow arcing turn over Battle Test House to face the Power Station. It was fitted with a huge search light, was jet black and bore no markings. "This doesn’t look good.""

Keys hanging on the keyboard at the back of the Air House control room.
Tom's drop from the crane gantry to the concrete floor of the turbine hall Rejected shot of the western view of the control room South western corner of Number 10 Exhauster Western view along the Parsons turbine in Number 10 Exhauster Close-up of control panel for Number 10 Exhauster View east across Pyestock from the top of one of the ammonia tanks South view along ground floor corridor in the Air House. I'm included in the long exposure walking along the passageway Looking northwest in an office of the Power Station Northern view of the control room in the Air House On the roof of the Air House looking east
Close-up of a control panel in the Plant House control room Gap between the concrete shed and No. 1 Main Workshop. Looking north More vandalism by Catboy Northern view of a darkened cabling distribution room in the block extension to the Power Station Control panel and indicator for the other generator Southern part of the Admiralty Test House and its cooling tower. Taken from the doors leading to the Power Station turbine hall Climbing up the Plant House cooling tower Sunset through the Air House. Western view