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"We were testing one summer [in the Admirality Test House] and the fire alarm went off. With emergency shutdown initiated the Test Controller (Mark) rang the on-site fire brigade."

"With everyone out of the building safely (me down the ladder), we all gathered at the rear of building as required... the rear happened to be where the fire was!"

"We had some temporary compressors to cool some instrumentation and the contractor who we'd hired the compressors from had serviced them and left an oily rag inside the machine. It was that that had caught fire at the roll call point right next to a temporary 500 gallon fuel bowser!"

"We waited for the on-site fire brigade to arrive (and we did move away). After a few minutes, no on-site fire brigade! So then Mark rang the guard house and they called 999 for the fire brigade. He then strolled in a typically Naval fashion over to the on-site fire brigade building about 200 meters away. He eventually found them and they eventually arrived to put out the fire!"

"About one minute later the 999 fire brigade turned up. The only reason they didn't arrive first (from about three miles away in Farnborough) was because the Guard had told them the wrong gate!"

"Surprisingly it was very soon after that that the on-site fire brigade was disbanded." - Pete

Looking south across the empty fire station.
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