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Assembly Bays (415)

"The Assembly Bays are shown on your map but not numbered:"

  • Bay 1 & 2 were used by Cells 1 & 2 for various work.
  • If I remember correctly Bay 4 had several uses including second year apprentice bench skills training.
  • Bay 5 had storage and an area for the site Air Conditioning mechanic to work out of.
  • Bay 7 was the largest of all bays and all site maintanance work was carried out from this bay.

"Not shown on the map was the Bay 7 Rest Room. A funny story here was we used to have some pretty impressive meals prepared there as it was a fully fitted out kitchen and dining room. We also had a couple of TV's which were not supposed to be there."

"One night the SAS was running a training exercise on the site, they were going to sneak in and plant fake bombs."

"They had been told exactly where to go and the break room was one location, unfortunatley no-one had told the third shift mechanics, who were taking an unofficial break. One guy was pretty big and when the masked guys came in he put up a struggle getting a broken nose. In the end no action was taken by management for the unauthorised break, and the mechanic did not sue, but the TV's had to be removed." - Dave

The Assembly Bays were never explored. Being seen from the buildings to the south was always a problem (as they were new and in use) and I was given a tip-off that they were being used as storage and so were therefore secure and off-limits.