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Part 14: Number 10 Exhauster (638)

Number 10 Exhauster clearly exhibits the architectural style of the northwest side of Pyestock: a steel framed shed, covered in steel cladding, with large blue tinted windows allowing light into the structure. Control rooms and switch gear are installed in brick built extrusions.

The building was further embellished by a concrete exhaust vent appended to the south.

Northern side of Number 10 Exhauster.
05|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Despite the sheer force produced by the Air House, it simply couldn't deliver enough power. Cell 4 was later extended to accommodate more exhauster plant (which was labelled number 9), so when another test cell was planned, a separate building housing a lone gas turbine to act as an additional exhauster was also completed. And was known as number 10.

Internally, it's all complete: the Parson's gas turbine is still in its concrete mounting, the switchgear is in-situ and the control room retains its instrumentation.

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