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Part 15: Cell 3 West (649)

One of the more bizarre sight at Pyestock is the open throat of Cell 3 West the last altitude test cell built on the site. The while plastic opening gives access to the largest test cell on the site, brimming with engine mounting points, various sensors and other equipment.

The cell is a continuation of Cell 3, picking up the exhauster main from the Air House, and bringing the air flow above ground, into the steel shed in which the cell is housed.

Part of Cell 3 West looking along its southern flank eastwards.
31|03|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Cell 3 West was built as a capability enhancement to Cell 3, specifically designed for the new generation of high bypass ratio, civil turbofan engines. Its air drying and large capacity air cooler allowed icing tests to be performed on engine/intake combinations and helicopter roter blades.

The addition of Cell 3 West necessitated the construction of Number 10 Exhauster.

Again, much of the cell remains in-situ although some of the instrumentation in the control room has since been removed.

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