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Part 6: Battle Test House (543)

The Battle Test House, the final building around the Fairway Transformer Park, is almost entirely made from steel frame and glass. This allows an excellent view of the interior, which is almost bursting out with twisted piping, ducts and large boilers.

Whilst many of the buildings at Pyestock, both externally and internally, convey an impression of size and space, the Battle Test House is cramped and claustrophobic.

The south facing windows of the Battle Test House.
31|03|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Unlike many buildings at Pyestock, the Battle Test House was extended and enhanced during the lifetime of the site. Originally the site's boiler house, the first extension added a compressor test facility (driven by steam turbines) and finally a turbine test facility.

Battle was one of the last buildings erected on the site of the former golf course and the tenth tee is preserved behind the building.

The boilers, turbine test rigs, control rooms and offices all still remain, and are largely intact. Many parts of Battle give the impression of long term closure, and the boiler room was the one of the first parts of the site to close, the steam boilers being too expensive to maintain in 1993.

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