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Part 5: Admiralty Test House (307)

The first test cell encountered is the Admiralty Test House occupying the eastern perimeter of the Fairway Transformer Park.

Somewhat atypical of the normal glass and metal buildings scattered around Pyestock, this steel framed building is mostly finished with brick on its northern and western flanks.

The back of the building is dominated by a huge exhaust vent and the scattered peripheral buildings of its cooling towers and pumping houses.

The 'back' of the Admiralty Test House looking northwest.
23|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Admiralty Test House was mainly concerned with the endurance testing of naval gas turbines. Therefore the building is essentially just one huge turbine hall, with offices narrowly stacked onto its western side. The large doors to the north allowed the huge, heavy turbines to be lifted in and out of the building.

After the last test concluded, the gas turbine was removed, leaving the test cell as just a huge empty space.

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