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Part 16: Anechoic Facility (590)

The Noise or Anechoic Facility was the last major building to be constructed at Pyestock. This enormous blockhouse was erected in 1971 and featured a huge anechoic chamber, silenced exhaust chamber and associated control room.

The facility was originally connected to the air distribution network and exclusively driven by the first GEC compressor/exhauster set in the Air House.

Looking north-east towards the Anechoic Facility from the first floor of the Computer Building.
05|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

The facility is the only part of the Pyestock site to still be in operation. For that reason, it is strictly off-limits.

It has been disconnected from the original air distribution network and now has its own source of air via a dedicated compressor/exhauster.

Interiors of the building, particularly the anechoic chamber, have been published in various brochures and these are listed in The Buildings section.

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