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As suddenly as it started, another click heralded the end of the process, and the machines fell quiet. Gingerly we continued looking around the building, and its associated annex of switchgear, being very careful not to touch anything. The former Anechoic Chamber (still operated by QinetiQ and therefore off-limits) was just across the road. I wondered if Water Pumping House No. 10 was still active to perform some function for this building.

WPH No. 10 was small and we quickly exhausted its exploration possibilities. In truth I believe we both found walking around a live building to be rather unsettling so it was good to get back out in the hot sun and the quiet wastes of Pyestock.

We walked past the now dilapidated and shabby Bramshot Cooling Towers, the concrete becoming stained with rust and the wood shuttering cracked and broken.

Moving east along the southern flank of the Bramshot Cooling Towers.
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