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WPH No. 10 (Water Pumping House Number 10) was one of the most exciting visits of the day. We quickly darted from the confines of the Computer Building, across some waste land, into the building and found ourselves in a large room full of switchgear surrounding a huge pump. Not as large as some of the cavernous places of Pyestock but large enough that it merited a picture.

Tom started to look at some controls on the wall whilst I got my camera ready.

"Click…..Cugga… Cugga… Cugga….. WHOOOOOOMMMMM."

The machinery suddenly started up.

"TOM! Whatever you pressed, can you unpress it?"
"It wasn’t me!"

We stood there motionless as the machinery shook and roared. Some timed process had switched on a minute after we got into the room. It looked liked parts of Pyestock were still live. It was a sobering thought.

Pumping equipment in WPH No. 10. Looking south.
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