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I hit the fast-forwarded button for an insane amount of time and punched play. The scene bounced and settled, the balloon still hanging limp within the upper confines of Cell 3 West. Just as I was about to hit the remote again, the scene suddenly changed. "Hang on, I think that’s Cell 3 West. The view was much wider, showing a familiar open space. "Yes that’s it" said Tom now interested and sitting forward in his seat. "It should get interesting now."

At that moment, the tape finished and the video came to a resounding stop.

[Note: The ethics of urban exploration clearly state how the removal of objects contravenes the code: Take nothing but photographs, Leave nothing but footprints. Taking the tape clearly broke this rule, but it was returned when we next visited; there was never any intention to permanently deprive the owner of their rightful property... and we even rewound it before returning.]

I really liked this exploration. Even though we failed to gain access to some buildings (583 and 584), it showed a more ordered and logical approach to the site and its exploration rather than the more haphazard wonderings of before.

It now felt like we’d turned a corner. It wasn’t a matter of trying to determine the bounds of the site, it was now a matter of filling in the remaining gaps.

© Simon Cornwell 2007, 2009

Eastern view of the interior of Cell 3 from the Exhaust Gas Cooler.
05|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007