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Pleasantries exchanged, they moved into the cell itself, whilst Tom and I moved further west, tracing the route of the cell underneath us. Tom wanted to explore the subterranean depths where the main exhaust pipe array connected to the end of Cell 3. Our route took us along long forgotten gravel pathways, under the massive pipes themselves, and then to a sheer concrete ditch in which the end of Cell 3 could be seen meters below us.

We found a metal staircase and made our way down into the coolness. The bottom of the cell was flooded and we gingerly waded through the oily water towards a doorway set in a sheer concrete wall. This opened into an underground passageway which followed Cell 3 back towards its main building. Luckily this section was slightly more elevated and we managed to avoid getting further wet feet.

Moving eastwards down into the flooded concrete trench beneath Cell 3.
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