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Once back at the Computer Building, we moved slowly and leisurely, taking shots of the exteriors of the buildings and pipes. We soon moved back into the cooler confines of Cell 3, and for the first time, started to thoroughly explore it and fill in all the gaps from our two previous visits.

As Tom climbed up and ensconced himself in the gantry crane cab, I took various ground level shots of the cell before moving up to the first level, and discovering a long derelict control room in the southern side of the building. A map on the wall revealed this was the Ice Plant control room and other rooms on this level were fitted with huge industrial walk-in refrigeration units.

It was while Tom was safely hidden in the crane and I was enclosed on the second level walkway that a group of people suddenly appeared at the cellís entrance. A mixed group of about six or seven, they had the cautious appearance of fellow explorers, dressed in rough clothes and carrying cameras. I decided to say hello from my hidden position and therefore gave them the shock of their lives.

Ice Plant control room on the first floor of Cell 3.
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