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More smoke drifted lazy out of the nozzle, being swept along by the gentle wind which was being pumped through the cell. The audio cut in again.

"Air House... open valve plane actuators to 88%"

"You can’t?"

"Just uhhh… leave it as it is then."

That raised a laugh, but the video was starting to become tedious. The little smoke emerging from the nozzle was beginning to lessen. I fast forwarded another hour into the video and found the same view, same nozzle, and no smoke. To be honest, it was rather boring.

A further fast forward and suddenly the view changed. We were now looking at what looked like a small, withered balloon, bent and dishevelled, apparently lost somewhere in the test cell. We were pleased to have something new to look at, but we’d swapped our smoke nozzle for a deflated condom. This was bizarre stuff.

Distant southerly view of the back of the Battle Test House.
05|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007