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So we jogged and quickly cleared the Bramshot Cooling Towers and disappeared into a mass of brambles and Buddleia which surrounded a circular water tank and small brick building (which turned out to be a water purification station). Our target loomed up in front of us and we quickly dived into the dense brambles growing in a small incline at the back of the building, hoping there would be access via the western side.

Our plans were completely thwarted. The back door of our target building was replaced by an imposing, impenetrable sheet of plywood. A small brick extension on the building’s western flank looked promising, its line of small windows suggesting a toilet block. This was our last option and we struggled through the brambles to get closer. At that point, the unmistakeable sound of a car echoed around our small enclosed space and we both instinctively dived into the thick mass of brambles and waited. If we were seen, our only option of escape was the untested toilet block we were making our slow way towards.

Looking north towards the water purification station.
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