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We were making our way towards two large buildings which were completely unexplored. It appeared other explores were lead astray by the wonders of the Plant House, Cell 1 & 2 and then the Power Station and so travelled diagonally across down the site (as we did for our first visits). Now, moving due east, and across the side of Bramshot we came within sight of the two large buildings I’d previously picked out on the plan the night before.

One stood in the north east corner of the site, and appeared to be a modern 1980s dark brick style office. The other, which stood directly in our path, was a large 1950s concrete box with blue glass rimmed ceiling. Easily the size of Exhauster No. 10, it immediately became our quarry.

We approached gingerly from the west, ready to dive into any undergrowth at the sound of a car travelling along the road towards Sigma and/or the Aneochic Chamber. Unfortunately I knew security was sitting in his office on the eastern side of the building, and the main doors were in his full sight at the southern end. Therefore simply walking around it would get us seen; although a cheery wave might’ve worked.

Skirting the northern side of the Bramshot Cooling Towers, moving east.
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