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Down, Down, Down! Car!


"It had the slowness of a Mexican wave: I was down as soon as I saw the car as was Marlon. Strangely Brown, another explorer of experience, hit the deck as soon as he saw us react. Alex, a friend of mine, and first time urban explorer, was slower but quickly got into the spirit of it when he realised what was happening. Unfortunately Tom was loitering at the back and was in full sight of the car as it was passing and hadn’t realised what was going on. Four urban explorers turned and hissed (because shouting would’ve been a dead giveaway): "DOWN! DOWN! CAR!""

Keys hanging on the keyboard at the back of the Air House control room.
The indirect route to the control room of the Battle Test House. The glass panels are in the western wall The exposed area between Cell 1 & 2 and Battle Test House. Looking east towards Battle. The fence can be seen to the right The new internal fence taken by the Ceca drying plant. This was taken on a later trip a month later Southern view along the Air House control room from the northern raised platform Piping network near the steps to the Air House. Eastern view Ouch, ouch, ouch. Northern view of the infamous steps The pipe into the bowels of Cell 4 Marlon in the air main of Cell 4 The stairs that led to nowhere in the Cell 4 offices Blurred shot taken in haste eastwards across Number 9 Exhauster
Part of the view from the Plant House conference room, looking south east towards the Power Station. Note the internal fence and the road along which the car appeared Rejected shot of the only interesting item in the New Fitting Shop Looking north inside Cell 1 A snatched photograph of Admiralty's western side. The security car was a minute away Rejected shot from inside Cell 3