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"That's rusty. That's just completely gone." There was a perfect, cartoonish, foot-shaped hole in the tray. "Some of this place is rotten. It's been closed longer than we think."

Keys hanging on the keyboard at the back of the Air House control room.
Approaching Number 10 Exhauster from the west View east from the north west corner of the Number 10 Exhauster Walking along the southern catwalk in Number 10 Exhauster. Don't look down Eastern view along the southern catwalk of Number 10 Exhauster Section of pipe between Number 10 Exhauster and Cell 3 West. The western end of Cell 4 can be seen through the pipe Discarded pipes to the south of Number 10 Exhauster Walking south west towards Cell 3 West. The main cell is on the left of the shot Elevated view eastwards from the roof of Cell 3 West along Cell 3. Cell 4 is on the left with the Air House on the right The working section of Cell 3 West, southern side, looking east Western view of disappearing light as we walk down the pipe behind Cell 3 West
Taking the stairs up the northern side of the Air House Southern view through the compressor/exhausters of the Air House Darkening control room of the Air House. Southern view Southern side of Cell 4 as seen from the northern Air House staircase Southwest corner of Cell 4. Note Brian's Bridge which can be seen to the right Elevated view of Cell 4 from the western doorway looking east Western view across Cell 4 taken from the eastern gantry Standing on the midsection of Cell 4 looking west Leaving Pyestock via the southern side of Cell 4 under Brian's Bridge