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"... After making more noise than was strictly necessary and/or wise, I joined Tom in the pits of the test cell and we moved westward. Door after door lead to further chambers, the test pipe festooned with wiring and sensors, and apparently continuing far further than the building we originally entered. Eventually we came to a sheer concrete wall and some rickety metal steps with extremely wobbly handrails. We took these, traversing across platforms and walkways, climbing past dials and controls, eventually emerging blinking in the hot sunlight covered in sweat, grease and dirt. Except we were now about one hundred yards away in another building, staring at the structure wed previously entered. ..."

Sensors in the tunnel of Cell 3
Cell 3 from the first floor walkway looking west. I was further along when Tom shouted Easternmost underground chamber of Cell 3 looking west Southern tunnel under the testing chamber of Cell 3, walking west Eastern view between Cell 4 and Cell 3 looking towards the Computer Building. We hid in the sumps and pipes to the right of shot, near the elevated section of Weir Road North eastern corner of Cell 3 rising above the elevated Weir Road. The door we wrestled with was next to the ladder mounted on the building One of our first views of Pyestock. The Air House can be seen in the background, then Cell 3 and finally Cell 4. Taken from the former ejector seat testing area Walking across the fields to Pyestock The northern perimeter fence Eastern side of Cell 4 as seen from the former ejector seat testing area Interior of Cell 3 looking west
Southern chamber under Cell 3 looking back eastward Southern chamber under Cell 3 continuing westwards Exhaust pipe array looking towards Number 10 Exhauster EWalkway between Cell 4 (right) and its office annex (left) with Brian's Bridge above. We climbed through the window into Cell 4 here South eastern office on the ground floor of Cell 4 Interior of Cell 4 from crane gantry. Western view. The steps to the right give an indication of scale Scrap metal from the 'Sahara' film set Modifications to Cell 4 by the 'Sahara' set dressers included this gantry Northern boundary of Pyestock looking east. The Anechoic Facility is on the left and the Bramshot Cooling Towers are on the right Looking into the darkened testing chamber of Cell 3. A few months later and I would be standing inside it