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This is a short insight into the safety of Pump House 567, located near the south-east corner of the Plant House.

We had to access the pump house to start the feed pump for the Parsons Air-Bleed Gas Turbine in the Plant House and the entry sequence went like this:

  • Take square 'crater key' from the control room (all keys in this sequence are square 'crater keys') and turn in the lock on door at the west side of pump house.
  • When the key is turned this releases a second key from the lock and unlocks the door so it can be used as an emergency exit (but can only be opened from inside)
  • Take the released key to east side of pump house, open small cupboard by door and insert this key in the lock at top of arm arrangement inside. This releases the arm which is swung down to engage in lock at bottom but more importantly isolates the CO2 extinguisher system. When arm is fully engaged at the bottom this releases another key which can then be used to unlock the door to the pump house.
It seems complicated but the sequence was designed to protect the pump house from unauthorised entry and protect us when working in there.

Ric Canham