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The New Fitting Shop (565)

Built: 1951
Decommissioned: 2002

The New Fitting Shop was one of the smaller anonymous buildings scattered around Pyestock. The structure stood in the compound around Cells 1 & 2, thus suggesting it had some association with those cells, which is why it shares its construction and decommissioning dates.

Northern half of the main bay, looking north-west.
21|04|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Its name also suggested a support function for one of the Cells. But its bare interior gave little away and it was not mentioned in the literature.

"The engines [installed in the Plant House] were operated and looked after by our fitters who were based in the New Fitting Shop. The North end of the New Fitting Shop housed machinery, the South end workbenches for the fitters. The offices were for the PTO in charge of them and the leading Charge Hand for the workshop, I think." - Eddie Kirkman

The New Fitting Shop has been included here as representative of the smaller, support buildings at Pyestock.

New Fitting Shop Walkthrough...

Main bay of the New Fitting Shop looking north Southern half of the main bay of the New Fitting Shop looking north-west Looking south at the offices at the southern end of the New Fitting Shop One of the offices to the south of the New Fitting Shop looking south-east