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It's uncertain how this plane ended up in Pyestock's Main Stores. Its mounting on a wheeled stand suggests it was a display exhibit of some type.

It becomes more and more dilapidated every visit I make. The nose section has disappeared and strips of its fuselage have been peeled away.

"I just stumbled across your website and although it's sad to see our hard work derelict and vandalised I thought you might like to know that our "bird" finally flew. See Farnborough F1 Kestrel Flies At Last" - Stephen Mosley

"The aircraft model shown in the website is in fact the engineering mock-up of the Farnborough F1, a single engine turboprop air taxi. This was a project run by former land Speed Record holder Richard Noble, and commenced just after he had led the Thrust SSC team in setting the first supersonic land speed record. My wife assisted Richard in setting up the company, and was responsible for the day to day operation. (Her office was one of the small ones in the Fire Station), I was employed as the documentation engineer and to work on designing the aircraft interior. The mock-up was built for two purposes; it was used as a tool to develop the layout of the internal systems and as a publicity tool. (It appeared at the Farnborough and other Air Shows). As a matter of interest, for quite a time, Thrust SSC was stored alongside the Farnborough F1 mock-up." - Steve Georgii

The vandalised Farnborough F1 plane.
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