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It was always my intention to return to Pyestock to properly photograph Cell 1, Cell 2, their shared control room, the various ancillary buildings and the Exhaust Silencer in much more detail. This was never done and it remains my top priority if I ever return to the site.

So this walkthrough was pieced together using my existing shots. Therefore there are some glaring omissions there are no pictures of the exterior and interior of Cell 2 and several photographs are below quality and would've normally have been rejected.

What is here does give a good flavour of Cell 1 and 2 but is lacking in the necessary detail.

This would've been the first view of Cells 1 and 2 for a visitor entering the site via the gates in the north-east. The building complex and testing cells were all built above ground, with the massive concrete Exhaust Silencer rising up at the back of the cells, easily one of the highest structures on the Pyestock site.

General view of the back of Cells 1 and 2 from Constant Road.
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