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The western side of Boiler #1 looking south.
21|04|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

Boiler Specifications

"I've taken the liberty of sending a couple of drawings which I hope that you might find useful: one of a typical Admiralty 3-Drum Boiler [above], and the second of a Forced Draught Blower [below]. When comparing with the installation at Pyestock, you will notice that the Pyestock boilers have been modified in having only three air registers and burners per furnace. These will have been wide range burners, suitable for remote or automatic control. Also, since there is no requirement to duct the FD Blower air intake (as was the case in a ship) the blower suctions at Pyestock take the simple form of the characteristic trumpet mouth. In Naval service, the boilers as installed at Pyestock will have been capable of evaporating up to 233,500 lbs/hr of steam at 400psig / 690degF" - David