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Bramshot Cooling Towers (579)

Built: 1951
Decommissioned: 2002

The test cells, experimental equipment and gas turbines under test required a plentiful supply of cooling water and for this purpose a complicated network of reservoirs, cooling towers, pump houses and pipe circuits were installed at Pyestock.

Some of the cooling towers were small, wooden framed constructions whilst others were built on a much larger scale from concrete and metal.

Shot taken from the Plant House Cooling Tower looking north over Constant Road.
31|03|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

The Bramshot Cooling Tower dominated the mid-northern section of the site and served Cell 3, Cell 3 West and Cell 4. It had its own water reservoir and Water Pumping House and had a total capacity of 650,000 gallons of softened water.

Bramshot Cooling Towers Walkthrough...

View north-east looking towards the Anechoic Facility and the Bramshot Cooling Towers Elevated view looking north-east towards the Anechoic Facility , W.P.H 10 and the Bramshot Cooling Towers Trench along the southern flank of the Bramshot Cooling Towers

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