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We finally enter the Admiralty Test House from a southern door and find ourselves in the turbine hall.

The turbine hall is completely empty. From here can be seen the gantry crane used to position the turbines and the huge loading doors.

Northern view of the turbine hall.
23|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

"During my time at the Admiralty Test House I was an Assessment Controller. We tested and provided instrumentation data to help Rolls Royce and Westinghouse (Northrop & Co) develop a combined cycle gas turbine called the WR21 for a replacement for a US navy turbine and for a future British Navy Ship" - Pete

© Chris Jarvis

"Basically the engine was to provide much better fuel consumption at low power. I believe the engine is now being tested as effectively a power unit to drive a generator for an 'electric' ship. Basically it will allow the engine to be mounted in best location and it won't need a prop shaft from engine to propeller!" - Pete