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We take the steps up to the second floor.

I assumed the vertical ladder simply exited onto the roof but after reviewing my pictures, it must give access to a windowless third floor. At the time of writing, this remains unexplored.

Stairs to the second floor with loft hatch access to the third.
23|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

"The mystery third windowless floor! Well it was/is a huge four foot deep water tank. This was used to cool the engine and Dynamometers in the event of the pump house failing. There was a valve that would allow the water to flow under gravity and cool things so that control remained and the engine wasn't damaged." - Pete

"I was an apprentice in the Admiralty Test House from Aug. 1953 to April 1954 and was very sad to read, and see the photographs, about the ATH and the whole site. I have a photograph of the staff of the ATH at that time. Capt. Atkins, Cmdr. Wilson, etc are there. The room on the third floor you are uncertain of, at that time, was the air inlet room where there was a large polished mahogany measuring section which supplied the engine under test with air. At the time I was there, we were testing a 10,000kw gas-turbine alternator set built by W.H.Allen of Bedford, as I recall. " - André